“My family just purchased our second vehicle from this dealership and we couldn’t be happier. The whole staff is organized, fast, efficient, and professional!  I would highly recommend Carplex for anyone’s next vehicle purchase!!  Thank you for our new family vehicle!!”  – Suzie C.

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Maria's Story

A Turn of Events for a Carplex premier customer.
Sometimes the best things happen when we least expect it and that was certainly the case with Carplex customer, Maria. A quick stop for an oil change and a few hours later she was driving a new car.

Watch her story and see the reason Carplex is not just a car dealer, we are her car dealer.

Robert's Story

Our customers become our biggest advocates, and a local head football coach named Robert is a prime example.  Watch his story and see the reason Carplex is not just a car dealer, we are his car dealer.

Noe's Story

As a cancer survivor and a true family man, Noe embodies everything we love about our customers. Noe worked in the oil fields in Texas for many years but a diagnosis of bone cancer in 2003 sent him and his family to Indiana to receive treatment and start an intensive recovery process. With medical bills piling up and his credit score dwindling, he found Carplex and quickly discovered that we were here to sincerely help his family and has been a premier customer ever since.

Watch his story and see how Carplex was not just A car dealer they were HIS dealer.

This is Carplex